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Many Seattle, Washington visitors arrive by plane. From the airport you can take public transportation, or grab a taxi or limo service. However, if you don’t want to rely on public transportation to get you around Seattle then the next best bet would be a vehicle rental.

While at the airport there are nine rental car companies with information counters in the baggage claim area. Five companies have car pick-up and drop off available on the airport grounds near the main terminal. Airport car rentals are some of the most convenient however, you frequently pay a little more for that luxury. There are also off-site car rental agencies that offer shuttle service to their offices and rental lots. These agencies sometimes have lower cost rentals.

You will want to find a Seattle, WA rental car company with a range of rental vehicle options. From standard rental cars, to luxury autos, minivans to SUVs you will want a rental that fill accommodate your vacation or business needs. If you will need special equipment such as a luggage rack or ski rack you will need to make arrangements with the company prior to your arrival.

Cheap auto rentals can help you to plan a cheap Seattle trip however, don’t let low price car rentals trick you into a contract that will rip you off in the end. Be sure to do your research and find a reputable car rental agency to work with in Seattle. Check online reviews of companies to see what previous customers have thought of the service as well as of the vehicles. Know all of the fees and taxes up front from each of the rental agencies so you know all the details of the car rental.

Search here for competitive total pricing as well as location of agencies, and return policies. When you do your research you are sure to find a good deal from a good company on your next car rental in Seattle.